We all wish for a large open space kitchen but unfortunately this isn’t always possible. Limited kitchen space is a prevalent problem in the UK.  

Living in cramped city centres means that often we have lots of stuff and not enough room, everybody needs to find a balance! There are a great many ways to design your kitchen so that everything is neat and organised, yet spacious and open.

1. Tiling and patterns: Perception Tricks

It is surprising just how much can be done with patterns and shapes. You may not believe it at first but designs can be one of the most effective methods of enlarging a room. Vertical lines, for example, that draw the eye upwards make people aware of what’s above them as well as what is around, this lends the impression that the room is higher than it is and makes the room feel more spacious.

Tiles that stack or are simple shapes are easy to perceive. Normal medium-sized squares are easy to count, but more elaborate tiles make your brain work — your brain doesn’t know how many there are, where they finish and start and ultimately how big the wall is. Diagonally placed tiles are another trick, they add the effect that the room is larger than it actually is because a straight line is perfect for accurate measurement.

2. Clear counters, clear mind

Keeping stuff out of plain sight is incredibly important for making a small kitchen seem spacious but also for keeping you relaxed. Clutter and too many items occupying the kitchen countertops makes the kitchen seem smaller. Make sure to keep on top of your kitchen! Create space by reducing clutter. Microwaves built into cabinetry and appliance garages are great ways to create more counter space.

3. Colour do’s and don’t

Colour is incredibly important for creating the impression of space. Keeping everything the same colour makes the room feel expansive rather than enclosing. Lighter and more neutral colours that don’t vary in particular help to blend into one another and the walls, they reflect the light, erase visual boundaries and make the space feel bigger. Many different colours are easier to notice and the eye trips over sudden shifts of colour strength making you more aware of objects and surfaces near to you.

4. Getting your cabinets right

Where possible open shelves or glass fronted cabinets are very effective. Shiny and reflective surfaces give the feeling of more space just like mirrors do. Replacing solid cabinet doors with glass can work wonders. It allows the eye to see to the back of the cabinet and acknowledge the extra space, making the walls feel further away. Make sure to keep what’s in the cabinets in order and preferably colour-coordinated for an organised, spacious look.

Kitchen cabinetry is also a key area homebuyers look at, good cabinetry can both flatt your home and add value to it!

5. Essential lighting, natural lighting

A small, well-lit kitchen can look just as spacious as a huge badly lit kitchen. You need lighting that floods into all corners of the room, especially the corners. What’s more important, however, is a combination of electric lighting and natural lighting.

Natural light enlarges any space. Windows may not be an option but where they can be it is incredibly important to properly take advantage of these and if they can be installed I thoroughly recommend it. You can maximise even the smallest window by removing obstacles and making them the centrepiece. Blinds are effective at blocking the light when needed but also wrapping up neatly when they need to be out of the way.

Having windows means that your kitchen is opened to the outside world. Natural light from outside is free and floods your kitchen, it is one of the most effective space makers. Combine this with electric lighting that floods the room from above and counter lighting that highlights every space and corner and your kitchen lighting effectively opens your kitchen every hour of the day.  

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