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Sourced globally This Is Stone offer a huge selection of limestone & marble worktops, tailored to your choice of colour, installed by our experts across London and the UK. See some of the most popular below as well as their types and suitability. As the choice is vast feel free call one of our team who can help guide you in the right direction with a quick description of your requirements.


With slightly more selective use marble is not best advised for kitchen worktops due to its relative higher porosity to other stones, although there are exceptions. Marble comes into its own however in other forms such as vanities, tiling, cladding and fireplaces. Widely considered one of the most beautiful types of stone it can offer a unique sophistication and prestige to a wide range of settings from classical architecture to modern homes and commercial spaces.

Suitability: Indoor and outdoor use, tiling and cladding, (worktops)


Limestone is a Sedimentary rock comprised mostly of Calcium Carbonate, it is very diverse in its structure and varies hugely in properties of strength, porosity, usability and also colour. Limestone has been used for centuries as a building material, in modern times it is most readily seen used for floors, walls, bathrooms, vanities and fireplaces. Typically limestone would not be used for kitchen worktops as like marble is too porous.

Suitability: Indoor and outdoor use, tiling and cladding

For quotes and advice call us on 0203 816 0449 or email info@thisisstone.com