Keeping your home in order is important for peace of mind and an organised life. Nowhere does this apply more than in the kitchen.

Your kitchen is the most valuable room in your house as well as the room in which, on average, the most time awake is spent. It is where we eat breakfast and dinner but also prepare food and socialise  with friends and family. This means that many different items and utensils are needed for all different occasions and the kitchen needs to be an adaptable and well organised place!

It can be a difficult task keeping on top of cleanliness and storage, but with different tricks of the trade you can maximise every little bit of available space. The first thing you need to do is assess where the wasted space is or rather how better you can utilise empty spaces. High? Low? Wall space? Backs of cupboards? Sides of cabinets? There are many tricks to better adapt your kitchen to your needs.

1. Appliance garages

The greediest members of the kitchen have got to be the appliances. These guys take all the space and aren’t necessarily used on a regular basis, they can be a nightmare for clutter phobes. Luckily appliance garages are the perfect place for them to stay. They’re used frequently so we can’t stick them in the attic but appliance garages keep them in one accessible place and yet out of view keeping kitchen countertops clear and organised. Unusable kitchen counter corners are the best places for appliance garages, if needed it’s worth installing an electrical outlet here so they can be used with ease.

EXTRA TIP: Having a microwave built into the surrounding cabinetry if they aren’t able to fit in the appliance garage is another space saver, you avoid the sight of cables and it looks great!

2. Pull out bins

One of the most recent trends that I absolutely love is the pull out bin. It is incredibly easy to arrange and keeping bins behind doors improves general hygiene and opens up more kitchen space. With a large variety of under-the-counter bin options on the market, you can quite easily pick and choose which fits your home and build your own home recycling centre underneath your sink! They are wonderfully accessible and yet tuck away in the blink of an eye!

3. Carousel units

Pots and pans are some of the biggest space takers in the kitchen and big cupboards waste the most accessible open space so a carousel unit is a godsend if this applies to you. Many of your utensils go to the backs of large cupboards never to be seen again or otherwise wrenched out whilst on your hands and knees. A carousel unit smoothly rotates to give you exactly what you are after right in front of you! This ingenious mechanism  really does improve the organisation of a kitchen tenfold.

4.  Vertical drawers

Vertical pull out drawers are a great space saving technique and excellent for small kitchens. Lids, trays and other long, thin items fit perfectly in a narrow drawer and are easily accessible with a draw that comes out all the way. Narrow drawers like this can also be appropriately customised to make wonderful places to store utensils and other instruments or alternatively with shelves installed they can be ideal for spices and condiments.

5. Mounted dish rack to kitchen wall

Much loved and often used items need to be accessible and on display. A mounted dish rack is the ideal solution; these come in all shapes and sizes so it’s just a case of choosing the right one for you. They give you a lot of room to play around with and they are easy to install.

6. Floating shelves

If you have a bit of wall space that isn’t in the way, installing floating shelves is another really helpful and wonderful addition. Again, you can place your prized kitchen assets on display here or perhaps something you use every day, like your favourite coffee mug. You can expand the possibilities by placing hooks underneath and hanging the mugs within eay arm’s reach. Or if you are not an early morning coffee person, dish towels and utensils also look great here. Floating shelves are also fairly easy to install yourself, and incredibly rewarding once you’ve finished!

7. Hanging rack

One of my favourite additions to a kitchen is the hanging rack. I really feel these add a wonderfully authentic feeling to a kitchen. They are handy, look classy and are yet affordable. On top of this, they free up a great deal of cabinet and countertop space and can be customised in whichever way you like. You can hang a fruit bowl from the rack or integrate a lighting fixture to illuminate a countertop or island.

8. Pegboard/Metal rack

If you like the idea of a hanging rack but it isn’t possible with the dimensions of your kitchen, an effective alternative can be found in the shape of a pegboard. This adds a modern and industrial touch to your kitchen. Its simple yet customisable, it’s also very easy to take down if you change your mind. There is a range of places this can be installed, on the wall, in the pantry or on the side of cabinets.

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