The kitchen is the beating heart of  your home, that much is beyond doubt. Not only is it the room in which, on average, most active waking hours are spent but it is where the most important activities of your day take place. Where you eat and where you socialise — where you are brought together with family and with friends and where you get your energy that gets you through the day.

The kitchen is also the room in the house where efficient layout and storage is absolutely essential. So often do parts of your kitchen become the burial ground of old utensils or forgotten gifts that more space is wasted than you know. I think the majority of us are guilty of making the assumption that, when we move into a new home, the kitchen has already been adequately constructed for maximum practicality. Hey, if it’s worked for them it’ll work for us! This is incorrect.

There are a plethora of ways to improve the organisation of your kitchen, from draw out gadgets and finding space for extra shelves to improving the quality of your kitchen worktops with a natural material like granite or marble.  

Did you know that the kitchen sink, when not cared for one a regular basis can accumulate 100,000 more germs than your toilet seat? This is most common with cluttered, low-quality surfaces but this is one of the least obvious of a variety of health and safety hazards in the kitchen.

As the room in the house with not only the most hours spent but also representing the most health and safety hazards, it is essential that your kitchen is the right place for you and your family. Having an open, organised kitchen where you can cook, eat, clean and socialise without hindrances and dangers is incredibly important. A clean and organised kitchen is good for both practicality, comfort and your overall mental disposition!

Here are five important points to consider on how to best design a kitchen provided by Max de Viet at This is Stone:  

Kitchen Design - This Is Stone

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